The former capital city of Thailand. Aged over 6 centuries while acted as Thailand capital center for 417 years. This UNESCO historical heritage province is a must visit when you are traveling to Thailand.

Krung Sri Ayutthaya was the glorious kingdom in the past 400 years. The city built on the central part of Thailand surrounded by 4 rivers. On the golden age of the town, it holds 1 million citizens, and hosts welcome the visitors from both western and eastern. The city is the most favorite destination of travelers from all over the world since the 15th century.

Today, visiting Ayutthaya can be done in many ways, but the best way to touch and feel this old capital is by bicycle. The city was expanded by the wagon in the late 15th century and to find the hidden places more significant than the well known UNESCO historical park is to follow that wagonway, which is now hidden away from the main road of the 21th century.

Step of the main street and riding inquisitively on the bicycle to explore the hidden ruins and communities of the old capital city to experience the real kingdom of Ayutthaya will satisfy your adventure in style.

At Better Than Walk, we refine the best routes and sites that you will enjoy the most with our local cyclists, who born and raised in the area. Our tour guides genuinely know the atmosphere as they are part of it. You can rest assured and enjoy your day in Ayutthaya.

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