Known as the city of angels, the Venice of the East. The rich cultures and the great mixture of the past and the modern world. Bangkok is one of the most sophisticated cities that give excitement to visitors and locals 24 hours a day.

Exploring gorgeous Bangkok is fascinating as the city has given you various choices to do so. From taxis to canal boats, buses to tuk-tuks or even a long walk on your feet through the whole town, but nothing beats the way we are doing, the Bicycle way. With us, you will discover the real Bangkok city’s way of life how our local citizen of Bangkok spends their daily life conserving the past while heading toward the new future. The great chance to dig deep into the lane that no other vehicles could pierce into the local areas. Travel through time and history on traditional city route that you will not feel in a different way of travel. Open all your senses to embrace the happiness Bangkok could offer you. Every lane, every alleyway we could safely venture thru the exotic and welcome smiles you would find across the country.

At Better Than Walk, we refine the best routes and sites that you will enjoy the most with our local cyclists, who born and raised in the area. Our tour guides genuinely know the atmosphere as they are part of it. You can rest assure and feel the Bangkok city as the local eyes.

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