Better Than Walk.
Bangkok Premium Bicycle Tour.

Welcome to The Premium Bangkok Bicycle Tour.
Fancy an authentic way of a journey while you are staying in Thailand? Wondering where you would start your travel without muddling from places to places? Want to travel in style and see the real living people in the most sophisticated city and make your trip a memorable trip of a lifetime?

Traveling in Bangkok and other major attraction sites in Thailand could be a typical formula from one to another, or you can make it over-standard with us. An eco-friendly and stylish with plenty of unseen scenic frame on your own energy could be a smart alternative trip of your experience.

At Better Than Walk, we offer you a better way of travel in Bangkok and other attraction areas by the most excellent vehicle of all time, a bicycle. Step on the pedals and explore all the strange alleyways where locals live and uncharted on any digital map. Open all your senses to embrace the experience like no other vehicle can ever give. We take you to the backyard of the famous places and uncommonly known sites while you can decide whether you would like to visit the sites deeper on your own time without being hustle by any unwanted transportation.